We’re Rob and Jess, a (relatively) young couple in Minneapolis, and we love made-for-TV Christmas movies.

You probably know the formula: an over-worked woman meets a handsome widower with an adorable daughter. They meet someone who looks suspiciously like Santa Claus. Cookies are decorated and trees are trimmed, and before you know it Christmas is saved…and love is enflamed.

But our love for these movies isn’t ironic. Done right, these cliches come together like favorite ornaments on our tree, full of meaning and memory.

Let’s be clear: not all Christmas movies are keepers. We’ll help you sort through the hits and misses. We’ll roll our eyes and yell at the screen so you don’t have to. We’ll tell you which horse-drawn sleigh rides are magical and which are manure.

So light a few candles and mull some cider. Grab a cozy blanket and turn on the TV. You might just fall in love with the spirit of the season.