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Christmas Wedding Planner

Christmas Wedding Planner

Kelsey hopes to jumpstart her career by planning her cousin's lavish and exclusive wedding. But things start to fall apart when a handsome private investigator shows up and puts the nuptials in jeopardy. When the two team up, will the truth they’ve uncovered help them discover love?

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PR / Event Planner / Decorator

Hate Becomes Love

Deceased Parent

Ends w/ Kiss or Ring

Our Thoughts

At Very Merry Movies, we pride ourselves on our lack of snark or cynicism. We love the made-for-TV Christmas movie genre! Yes, it can be cheesy and formulaic, but that’s also a part of its charm.

“Christmas Wedding Planner” gives Christmas movies a bad name. Welcome to our negative side.

First-time Wedding Planner, Kelsey (Jocelyn Hudon, perky and fairly likeable) needs to make her rich cousin’s nuptials a success. Her excitement doesn’t last once her cousin’s ex, Connor, shows up at the engagement party and divulges he’s a secret Private Investigator hired to expose the groom. Kelsey decides to join the investigation, even though her findings might lead to a Christmas Eve wedding failure.

The premise works in theory. It’s the execution that’s the problem.

We’re immediately removed from the story by Kelsey’s voiceover narration—it’s pretty loud (sound editing, anyone?) and makes us question to whom she’s texting her every thought. Connor is another conundrum. His investigation begins by hoping the groom is broke, so he tries to break into family computer files. Isn’t a traditional “is-he-cheating?” premise easier to prove? Add in some background tango music, cheap sets for rich characters, and some distracting green screens during love proclamations, and you’ve got yourself a sad excuse for Christmas cheer.

The only bright spot is Joey Fatone, the “funny one” from NSYNC. As Connor’s restaurant partner and enthusiastic comic relief, he’ll make you forget how poorly others act and provide some lightness to the heavy plotlines. But, sadly, he can’t bring the holiday spirit to the flick. You might even forget when the movie takes place—there isn’t a snowfall to be found!

We won’t ruin the big reveal at the end (or the truly implausible turn of events after that), but know you’ll get no satisfying resolution. Instead, you’ll be left like Jess: yelling questions at the TV and counting how many times they even say “Christmas” in the movie.

Our first unanimous take of 2018—“Christmas Wedding Planner” is not very watchable and Not Very Merry.

R's Last Word: Not Very Merry
Plotless. Joyless. And oh so confusing. The only word I can’t use to describe this movie: Christmas. Hard pass.


J's Last Word: Not Very Merry. 
I love a “it’s so bad, it’s good” movie, but this is just bad. No budget and no Christmas. You can do better.


Watch It On: Netflix
Buy It From: Amazon (DVD)
Starring: Jocelyn Hudon, Stephen Huszar & Kelly Rutherford

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