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No Sleep 'Til Christmas

No Sleep 'Til Christmas

Lizzie and Billy only have one thing in common: insomnia. But when they discover that they can sleep when they’re together and have to sneak around to get their zzzs, their only Christmas wish is to not get caught. Will their secret snoozes make the rest of their lives a nightmare…or won’t they want to wake from this dream?

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Opens w/ City Scene

PR / Event Planner / Decorator

Hate Becomes Love

Cute, Precocious Child

Deceased Parent

Our Thoughts

Another 2018 premiere, another household argument. It concluded with this poignant quote from Rob: “There is a month and a half each year where I will watch whatever crap is on Ion or Freeform. But you have to check certain boxes to make it a Christmas movie.”

Strangely enough, we both thoroughly enjoyed “No Sleep ‘Til Christmas.” However, our final takes reflect what we both look for at this time of year: Christmas vs. Just a good movie.

Event Planner Lizzy (Odette Annable, sassy yet vulnerable) is entering her busy season while also planning her New Year’s Eve wedding. Everything is perfect…except she hasn’t been able to sleep. Sleep studies, drugs, aromatherapy, and an apnea mask leave her exhausted and disappointing her pushy future mother-in-law. But when she runs over another insomniac, Billy (Dave Annable, her real-life husband) and they fall asleep in the hospital parking lot, she has her best day yet. Lizzy propositions Billy to sleep with her (just sleep, kids) until her big day. In return, she’ll fund his new bar. Perfect rom-com set-up. (Yet you still feel bad for her not-at-all-Evil Fiancé because he is such a supportive surgeon.)

Lizzy and Billy’s Hate Becomes Love lasts longer than most movies. Yet the leads’ chemistry jumps off screen so you know the “Love” part is coming and will make you cry when it does. And because this is Freeform, you won’t get the sickeningly sweet love story or G-rated repartee; instead, the karaoke duet of a crass Christmas tune will make you “aww…” until you look up the lyrics.

The modernity of the movie is a refreshing break from what else you’ve been watching, too. The plot is unique and the not-so-perfect characters seem like they could be your actual friends. When the familiar radio hit “Turn the Lights Down Low” plays a critical role to the plot (and the love story), it works. Bonus points that the realistic details don’t take away from the escapism you want from this genre.   

The biggest problem with this flick? Very very little Christmas. A short scene of Billy in a Santa suit or a brief Christmas morning with his Cute, Precocious Goddaughter isn’t enough in our books. The holiday was the backdrop, not the reason for their lack of sleep or broken familial relationships.

Should it have been called “No Sleep ‘Til New Year’s”? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out this flick. It’s really good for a made-for-TV movie (which makes Rob extra angry at the lack of Christmas, cuz he agrees).

Rob’s Final Take: Not Very Merry
A cute little story, but it could have been so much more if Santa had stopped by. So I’ve got no choice: Oh, turn the movie turn the movie off.


Jess’s Final Take: Merry
If there was at least one more reference to Christmas, I could call it “Very Merry.” But Rob’s right: the chemistry and wit can’t outweigh the lack of holiday cheer…or mentions. 


Watch It On: Freeform
Starring: Odette Annable & Dave Annable

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