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A Christmas Kiss

A Christmas Kiss

After a life-changing kiss in a plummeting elevator, Wendy faces the reality that her mystery makeout, Adam, is the serious boyfriend of her domineering boss. As Wendy grows closer to Adam while designing his Christmas-themed fundraiser, she’s scared to reveal that she’s the mystery kisser. Will her loose lips sink her boss’s relationship?


Christmas clichés:

PR/Event Planner/Decorator

Mistaken Identities

Evil Fiance

Charity Work

Sage Grandpa Figure

Sleigh Ride

Tree Buy & Trim

Ends w/ Kiss or Ring

Our Thoughts

We can’t pretend to agnostically review this movie: We Love It.

We were first introduced because of the Elizabeth Rohm first billing (Law & Order fans in this house!), but that billing is flawed: Wendy (Laura Breckenridge) steals the movie. As the pained “Should-I-tell-Adam-that-my-glitter-eyeshadow-shrouded-my-true-identity?” heroine, Wendy is the character you root for. She’s the true designer of the Christmas Carol-themed party Adam loves, and she is the down-to-earth, beer-and-pizza girl he craves when he isn’t around his high-society girlfriend, Priscilla (Rohm).

It only fulfills 8 of our Christmas movie clichés, but “A Christmas Kiss” checks the boxes of a classic: it uses music to tie together important scenes (an ear-worm version of “Jingle Bells” during the Sleigh Ride scene is our favorite to impersonate), and the affection built between the love interests appears genuine. Wendy's best friends are  charming, and Rohm’s icy Priscilla could be the definition of the Evil Fiancé designation.

If you don’t have a soft spot for this Mistaken Identity movie, we aren’t sure if made-for-TV Christmas movies are for you. Because, as the coachman states, “True love gets me every time.”

Rob's Final Take: Very Merry
It’s the little things – charismatic friends, Shakespearean quotes, and soaring music at just the right moments – that set this movie apart from the crowd.

Jess's Final Take: Very Merry
It toes the line between earnest and cheesy. Yet the emphasis on tradition elevates everything, including the romantic debate about “knots & flutters.”


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Starring: Laura Breckenridge & Brendan Fehr

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