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My Christmas Love

My Christmas Love

Cynthia has always dreamed of an epic love story, and it seems to come true when gifts inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas” start arriving at her door. But her fairy tale ending gets complicated as she and her family struggle to identify the mystery gift-sender. Will she figure it out and live happily ever after…or realize that true love stories are more surprising and more wonderful than she had imagined?

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Christmas clichés:

Deceased Parent

Tree Buy & Trim

Rekindled Romance

Ends w/ Kiss or Ring

Our Thoughts

We are very happy with our favorite Christmas leading ladies (and Cliché Bingo spot holders) of CCB, Lacey, and Alicia. Their charm and light provide that Christmas-y spirit that make any movie they’re in at least “Merry.”

Well, ladies, it’s official: Meredith Hagner is coming after your crowns. She carries “My Christmas Love” and makes a great movie fantastic with the help of an exceptional supporting cast.

Hopeless romantic and author, Cynthia (Meredith Hagner, spunky and vulnerable) gets dumped yet again. Not wanting to go home alone for Christmas, or be dateless for her sister’s Christmas wedding, she convinces her loyal friend and illustrator, Liam (Bobby Campo, just…perfection), to join her. Missing her Deceased Mom, Cynthia takes it upon herself to bring Christmas back into her family household, even though her practical sister and still-grieving father aren’t up for it.

Cut to a doorbell and a real-life partridge in a pear tree accompanied by a songstress. Cynthia takes the gift, her only clue that it is from her “One True Love.” Each day following brings a new gift (and quite a few birds), so she takes Liam with her to figure out who is sending the gifts…and who knew she’d be in town for Christmas.

“A Christmas Mystery: The most romantic thing ever. It’s a Christ-ery!”

For a movie based around the “12 Days of Christmas” song, you’d expect more than a mere 4 Christmas Clichés. But you won’t even notice they’re missing. Each day brings a new gift, and watching the family slowly get into the results gives you the feeling of Christmas traditions. And the one-on-one scenes between sisters and how they both responded to the grand-gesture love of their parents gives the story layered nuance you usually don’t find in made-for-TV movies.

What also makes this movie different than most is its unexpected nature. The father blatantly calls out both his daughter and Liam for being dense about love, almost speaking on behalf of the viewers. “You’re just all-day dumb, aren’t ya?” And the ending! We won’t spoil it for you, but the mystery sender of the gifts even stumped Jess, who loves to “call it” before everyone else. A fun change for Rob.

It’s warming, romantic, familial, and has many sweet scenes about escaped French Hens or Geese-a-Laying pillows. Stream it, buy it, tell your friends about it. It’s a keeper. 

Rob's Final Take: Very Merry
This movie just buzzes with energy. And Meredith and Bobby (heck, the entire cast) will leave you smiling the whole time. My Christmas Love should be your new Christmas classic.

Jess's Final Take: Very Merry
There is a certain something in a movie that can make me “The Notebook”-level ugly cry. This movie and its leads have it. Romance meets family meets Christmas. I’m sold. 


Watch It On: Hallmark
Buy It From: Amazon
Starring: Meredith Hagner & Bobby Campo

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