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Is it a Christmas Movie? – While You Were Sleeping

Is it a Christmas Movie? – While You Were Sleeping

An annual household debate: What makes something a Christmas movie? If airing on Hallmark post-Thanksgiving or starring a singing/dancing Bing Crosby, the genre designation is obvious. But if it merely takes place during the season, does it count? Will it have the same joyous spirit or feel-goodness of “real” Christmas movies? 

We decided to tackle the on-the-bubble movies and bring the debate to you.

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Christmas clichés:

Opens w/ City Scene

Deceased Parent

Mistaken Identities

Kooky Grandma Figure

Sage Grandpa Figure

Ice Skating Scene (I’m counting it!)

Ends w/ Kiss or Ring

Our take

A Christmas Movie!

It took a few years of convincing Rob to agree, but it happened—this Sandra Bullock classic is indeed a Christmas movie.

First off, the whole plot is set into motion because Lucy Moderatz (Sandy) is forced to work on Christmas. Saving her wannabe crush from an oncoming train, but not saving him from the impending coma, she creates a Mistaken Identity situation when a nurse tells his family she’s his fiancé. Because Lucy is alone, she is convinced to spend Christmas with “coma guy’s” charming family and falls in love with them…and potentially his charming brother.

The situation alone screams made-for-TV magic, but it’s the familial characters that brings the holiday spirit to this Hollywood creation. The Kooky Grandma and Sage Grandpa figures could be the bar for all others. And the quotable moments (“These mashed potatoes are so creamy…”) plus chaotic family table scenes feel so relatable to anyone who’s attended large holiday gatherings.

The production even gets into the vibe of Christmas: twinkle lights, upbeat background music, realistic cold breaths. Combine those with the chemistry of the leads and you’ll evoke tears from even the hardest of hearts.

Add this one to your Christmas collection. If it was made today, we’d call it Very Merry, no question. 


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Starring: Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman

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